Making your shipping easy.

Have you ever wondered how to ship your large box across the state? Or what about across the country? It is not always easy to ship packages long distances, especially when they are larger than your average letter with a stamp.

There is an easy solution: SEVEN SHIPPING.

No matter what you want to ship and when you need to ship it, SEVEN SHIPPING is here for you. We make shipping easier and more convenient; you no longer have to wonder how you are going to get your packages shipped. Using FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, and our international shipping services, you can rest easy knowing that we can ship just about anything you need.

At SEVEN SHIPPING, we understand how important it is that what you ship makes it to its final destination safely and in one piece. Partnering with Fedex, you can feel confident that no matter how fragile or delicate your items are, they will arrive at the ultimate location in the same condition that you packed it.

A shipping service that you can always rely on.

FedEx is fast, reliable, and efficient; SEVEN SHIPPING provides all of our customers with the convenience of shipping that they deserve. You should never lose sleep wondering how your items are going to get to where you need them. As one of the most known brands, FedEx shipping can help you get your goods from point A to point B almost anywhere in the US and any address worldwide. Not only do we guarantee safe shipping no matter where you need to go, but we also offer FedEx pick-up ensuring the fast and convenient service you need.

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