We have your back.

SEVEN SHIPPING works with DHL to provide our customers with an easy and affordable solution for all of their shipping needs. It is not every day that you have to ship packages overseas, but when you do, you need a company that you can trust to get your package there on time and in outstanding condition.

Delivering every package with the utmost care and protection, you never have to think twice about the carriers that you choose at SEVEN SHIPPING. We know that your packages, no matter their size, are important to you. It is our goal to provide you with the highest shipping starts ensuring your complete satisfaction upon arrival each and every time.

As the world’s largest international shipping carrier DHL is a wonderful option when you are planning an international shipment. Whether you ship packages once a year or once a week, DHL is committed to you and meeting all of your expectations on how shipping should be.

The international carrier that you need.

Shipping packages internationally can be confusing and complicated when you don’t know how to properly label and package your boxes and goods; that is why we extend our DHL courier services for your specific international needs.

Using the most well-known international carriers, we give our customers the confidence that they need to know their items will get to their destination with ease. Trained on all the rules and regulations necessary for international shipping, you can trust that your package will pass through customs and arrive at its final destination, problem-free.

Call us today to receive ten percent off your DHL shipping fees, and see why everyone loves SEVEN SHIPPING for all their packaging needs.